Monday, October 3, 2011

Attractive Business Intelligence

Speaker: Rafal Lukawiecki

Purpose of BI:

Helps users make better business decisions by,

Visualizing meaning and knowledge hidden in your data
  A. Just the right information
  B. At the right time
  C. In the right format

Also known as "Performance Intelligence".

BI technologies:

1. Excel Services
2. Power pivot galleries
3. Performance point dashboard
4. Pivot table
5. Bing Data Connector
6. SQL Server Reporting Services

Friday, September 30, 2011

SharePoint Conference 2011


The Kiefer Consulting team and I will be attending SPC 2011 in Anaheim. 
Connect with me here, FaceBook or Twitter (@GatikaPatel).

Don't forget to pick up your SharePoint Overview posters at the Axceler booth ...

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Monday, January 17, 2011

SharePoint 2010 Post-Installation Checklist

Below is the list of things that you should check to vefiry the succcessful and error-free SharePoint 2010 Installlation:

 1.   Inventory of Service Accounts

Get-spmanagedaccount  >> c:\SPAssessment.txt

2.    Run below command to retrieve list of service applications and their status

     Get-spserviceapplication |sort-object –property name |format-table name,status –auto  >> c:\SPAssessment.txt

3.    Run below command to retrieve list of windows services and their status:

Get-service |sort-object –property displayname |format-table displayname, status –auto >> c:\SPAssessment.txt

4.    List of webapplication, contentdatabase and sitecollection count

 Get-spcontentdatabase |format-table name, webapplication, currentsitecount –auto >>c:\SPAssessment.txt

5.    Verify all ribbon buttons are working on list/library

6.   Check Health and Diagnostics logging

7.    Monitor event logs

8.    Monitor disk space

9.    Verify outgoing and incoming email configuration

10.  Generate reports from Central Admin --> Monitoring (i.e. Health Reports, Web Analytics Report, Admin Reports)

11.  Verify alternate access mappings

12.  Check SQL Server databases and sizes

13.  Verify browsers