Monday, January 17, 2011

SharePoint 2010 Post-Installation Checklist

Below is the list of things that you should check to vefiry the succcessful and error-free SharePoint 2010 Installlation:

 1.   Inventory of Service Accounts

Get-spmanagedaccount  >> c:\SPAssessment.txt

2.    Run below command to retrieve list of service applications and their status

     Get-spserviceapplication |sort-object –property name |format-table name,status –auto  >> c:\SPAssessment.txt

3.    Run below command to retrieve list of windows services and their status:

Get-service |sort-object –property displayname |format-table displayname, status –auto >> c:\SPAssessment.txt

4.    List of webapplication, contentdatabase and sitecollection count

 Get-spcontentdatabase |format-table name, webapplication, currentsitecount –auto >>c:\SPAssessment.txt

5.    Verify all ribbon buttons are working on list/library

6.   Check Health and Diagnostics logging

7.    Monitor event logs

8.    Monitor disk space

9.    Verify outgoing and incoming email configuration

10.  Generate reports from Central Admin --> Monitoring (i.e. Health Reports, Web Analytics Report, Admin Reports)

11.  Verify alternate access mappings

12.  Check SQL Server databases and sizes

13.  Verify browsers